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Building a community homestay

The villages of Pamdada & Hattiban are looking to create an infrastucture so more of their children do not have to migrate to the cities to earn a living.

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Introduction:- In Nepal when you are from a rural village it means that you could live a number of days away from the nearest town. Though over the last few years the Nepali government has,made great strides to build roads to most villages there are still ones that are off the beaten track. And in these villages you can roughly divide the local population into two groups, one who has the money & relatives to move away to the city to find a better life & the other is ones that don’t. So the ones that don’t will spend their lives (some will escape to Malaysia or the Middle East to work) or working the small holdings their families have owned for generations just to survive.


Now with the introduction of the internet across Nepal reaching these villages many of the people their want a better life for themselves & their children. And one way they can do this is by creating cultural homestays in the village & inviting foreign visitors to come & experience rural Nepali life.

So one of our projects is to help create two different homestay projects in areas well off the main tourist area where with a little help we can build some infrastructure to help the villagers have a better life.  

Name of project: Pamdada community & education project


What is the project about? If you are a volunteer that looks for a real challenge then this is for you. Work with the Founders of Brothers Nepal to not just improve the educational standards of the local school but also uplift the local villages by recognising & implementing new ideas that could really make the difference in their community. It’s a multi-tasking programme which will never be boring because our aim is to help not just improve the educational standard in the local school but try and bring in new ideas so hopefully the children of the village will not have to leave to go and find work. Ideally you need to be interested in volunteer management and NGO work as well as helping to make a difference. Here the ideal volunteer would be someone who can come and bring western ideas & help adapt them to work in the Nepal culture.



Placement Location: Pamdada is located around 110 km far from Capital of Nepal in Chitwan near Mugling bazar.


Start and End Dates: Ongoing starting most weeks except for festivals. Note you can still volunteer in the festivals but there will not be a lot of work going on. Though it’s a good way to see how Nepali celebrates their culture & religion.


Minimum Duration: Two weeks for this project.

Working Days: Standard Nepali days 6 days working with Saturday off. Note festivals are also holidays as well so you can enjoy them.


Working Hours: It’s about six hours a day but please note this is a project where if you have a good idea that can help please implement it because it’s your idea and you would love to see it work. We will work side by side with you to make this happen.


Number of Volunteers at any one time: The project can take a maximum of more than 8 volunteers at one time for teaching  children English, basic math`s, new ideas about fun learning. There is plenty of work to go around.


Age Requirements: 18+ are accepted


Food and Accommodation: You will be staying in the volunteer room at the centre & eating with your hosts. The main food itself is standard Nepali Dhal Bhat which is rice, curry and lentil soup. But you will get chance to eat and ty other local foods depending on the season.


Visa Type: Standard tourist visa


Arrival and Departure Airport: Tribhuwan International Airport in Kathmandu


Placement location: Pamdada is located 110 km away from Kathmandu valley near the famous Mugling bazar where many foreign foods can be found. It’s in the foothills of the Himalayans so there is plenty of chance for hiking & exploring the local areas (ask for a guide) as well as a very

important temple nearby called Icchyakamana. Also being close to Mugling if you want to take a couple of days off you can jump on a bus and head to Pokhara, Chitwan or even Kathmandu but please discuss this with your host as they are there to help you in any way.


Arrival & Orientation: As a volunteer you will be met at the airport by one of the team & (because it’s inside the valley) escorted to one of the guest house in valley. The team member will make sure you are comfortable, provide you with any information you need as well as their phone number & arrange some sightseeing as well as your transportation to the project. Also if you need any help & advice from them while you are at the placement please ring and they are there to help you. Then in the next day or so you will move towards the placement by first being escorted to Kalanki bus park where it’s a 4 hour journey to Mugling and there its around 1.5 hours by jeep and approx. 1.5 hour walk to reach the village.

Please note this is a rural village and the living is basic.


Registration fee: $100


Length of Program Program Fee $ USD

1 week  $ 100

2 weeks $ 200

3 weeks $ 300

4 weeks $ 400

5 weeks $ 500

6 weeks $ 600

8 weeks $ 800

10 weeks $ 950

12 weeks $ 1100

Every Extra week Cost $ 70


What’s included in the Registration Fee? All of the documentation needed for your application to be processed. Airport pickup and 24 hour support while at the project.


What's included in the Program Fee? Food & lodgings at the Centre and all of the support you need while there plus a donation to the running of the Centre itself.


What extra costs will I have? For tourist activities you wish to take part in & extras like alcohol, cigarettes, etc.


If you would like to see more of Nepal then please let the team member who is dealing with your application. They will help you with ideas & details of all tourist activities around your project.

Its remote but such amazing views

Volunteer here at the local school

The village is on top of the hills

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