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Every organisation must have a mission statement because it defines what the organisation was actually created for in the first place. Nepali Mahila Sanjal (Nepali Women Network) is no different because our mission is to help projects that have little or no exposure to the outside world. And to do this our aim is to bring them together through one channel to utilise the internet and our knowledge to attract the support they need. For too long there are organisations that have been well established because of education or luck in some cases that attract the majority of the funding that comes into this country. The main reasons behind this is they have been running for far longer, have better google results and are connected to the main international organisations that thrive on

By our team working with the organisations heads we believe we can really help make a difference by improving the quality of the projects. Ideally we would rather not be working in this field because if everything was right with the world then we would not be needed. But because there is a lot to be done we are the organisation that will support the poorest projects and work with them to improve the quality of the lives that they serve.

So by volunteering or visiting Nepal through our team you will be supporting other grassroots organisations as well as supporting the work we are doing. And best of all because we are a Nepali based NGO only all of the funds raised will be spent in Nepal where its needed and not on offices & staff in the west.

Everyone can write a great mission statement but with NWN we will work hard to keep to ours

volunteer projects.


Things have started to change because grassroots organisations are becoming better known online through social media and other platforms but there is still a long way to go. Our dream is to build a grassroots organisation that works with organisations that genuinely need help and support, not just in terms of volunteers and funding but ideas for them to improve.

So for more details please contact our team through social media or through this website

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