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In this field of work we get to know many other organisations & projects that want to work together to make a better world. Below are a few links of projects, NGO`s & companies that we work with.


Nepal is a third world country but we are proud people who want to uplift our country using what we have to offer the world. So over the course of our work we want to create partnerships with various organisations that can help us achieve our goal.  Because by working together we can show the rest of the world that Nepal has a lot to offer because their vast geographical landscape offers so much variety. From the flatlands of the Tarai through to the highest mountains in the world we have so much to offer the outdoor person who loves nature and being free from all the constraints of the modern world. And Nepal can offer this because when you are out in the mountains the modern life seems so far away.

          So if you scroll the tabs below this one you will find information about our partner organisation in India who we fully recommend if you are planning to volunteer in India. And details about charity trekking which we fully support because the Himalayas are an attraction to thousands every year ho come to walk in these majestic mountains. So it’s only right that some of the funds raised should go back in to our country to help the poorest communities. The only difference with this charity trekking is that you don’t have to raise a few thousand pounds to come because you will pay the normal amount and then the trekking company that we work with will pay some of the trekking fee to our charity.


And finally Rural Running Nepal a small organisation recently set up to bring international runners from around the world to Nepal to run in the rural areas. The idea being that there are races across Nepal for the top athletes who want to test themselves. But what about the other 90% of people who love running? So they have built a number of runs where anyone can come and experience rural Nepal at its best.


More will follow

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