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This is a project that we are supporting because of the great work Lata does.

Introduction: Do you have managerial, website, handicraft, teaching & online promoting skills? Or a selection of these which we can put to good use at this centre? Because if you do then we are looking for you to volunteer & help Lata build a solid funding stream for her centre so she can continue her great work. Basically she needs mentoring & teaching so she can learn the necessary skills in order to strengthen her centre.


Name of project: Helping to train & build the project at the women`s centre in Budhnikanth.

What is the project about: We are looking for volunteers interested in a real challenge where every day will be different because you will be working directly with the founder of the organisation. Your work will vary from helping guide the founder in her quest to create this project, taking photos and helping to prepare adverts or material for their social media to promote their work. Ideally you need to be interested in volunteer management and NGO work as well as helping to make a difference. Here the ideal volunteer would be someone who can come and bring western ideas and work with Lata to adapt them to work in the Nepal culture. Basically our aim is for the Lata to be self-sufficient by using what Nepal has to offer the world and so fund her project.


Placement Location: The women& children`s centre is based in the Kathmandu valley at Budhnikanth.


Start and End Dates: Ongoing starting most weeks except for festivals. Note you can still volunteer in the festivals but there will not be a lot of work going on. Though it’s a good way to see how Nepali celebrates their culture & religion.


Minimum Duration: Two weeks for this project.


Working Days: Usually it’s a 6 day week with Saturday off (plus festivals)


Working Hours: Vary depending on the work load at the time but please note this is a project where if you have a good idea that can help please implement it.


Number of Volunteers at any one time: The centre can take a maximum of 2 volunteers at one time one for project management & the other for teaching the women & children English, basic math`s, handicraft etc.

Age Requirements: 18+ are accepted


Food and Accommodation: You will be staying in the volunteer room at the centre & eating with your hosts. The food itself is standard Nepali Dhal Bhat with a Himalayan flavour as the host is from the mountains herself.


Visa Type: Standard tourist visa


Arrival and Departure Airport: Tribhuwan International Airport in Kathmandu


Placement location: The Centre itself is on the edge of the Kathmandu valley need the Shivapuri national park. So if you like walking & hiking then you can explore the park itself (ask Lata for a guide).And if you are more interested in eating out, shopping, sightseeing etc you can reach anywhere in the valley within about 1 hour. Please tell the team member who is arranging the placement who will then be able to provide you the extra tourist information.  


Arrival & Orientation: As a volunteer you will be met at the airport by one of the team & (because its inside the valley) escorted to the Centre to meet Lata. The team member will make sure you are comfortable, provide you with any information you need as well as their phone number. They will also be in regular contact throughout your stay so please don’t hesitate to ring them for help & advice.


Registration fee: $100


Length of Program Program Fee $ USD

1 week  $ 100

2 weeks $ 200

3 weeks $ 300

4 weeks $ 400

5 weeks $ 500

6 weeks $ 600

8 weeks $ 800

10 weeks $ 950

12 weeks $ 1100

Every Extra week Cost $ 70


What’s included in the Registration Fee? All of the documentation needed for your application to be processed. Airport pickup and 24 hour support while at the project.


What's included in the Program Fee? Food & lodgings at the Centre and all of the support you need while there plus a donation to the running of the Centre itself.


What extra costs will I have? For tourist activities you wish to take part in & extras like alcohol, cigarettes, etc.


If you would like to see more of Nepal then please let the team member who is dealing with your application. They will help you with ideas & details of all tourist activities around your project.

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