We support a number of projects at NWN


At Nepali Women`s Network we have picked a number of projects to support as well as our own on the basis of merit, interest & what they can achieve for their communities.  We have a number of English teaching programmes in rural schools where there has been very little exposure to English speaking natives so here you will get the chance to help students practice in order to improve their English (if any student is going to leave the village for further study then they need to pass English in order to be able to study in the city). So if you are volunteering in one of these schools please spend time with the students practicing & if you have ideas on how to improve the teaching then let our team know.

At these schools we use everything

On top of this we are supporting a rural farming project which will give you the chance to experience life in rural Nepal, spend time here working side by side with the owners to learn a completely different way of life. And one thing with a project like this we always advise get involved as much as you can because you will learn far more as well as have a lot of fun.


Then we have rural medical centres that we support, here its only for medical students or trained professionals because you will be working alongside the Nepali medical staff. Also office admin programmes where you will work alongside our team in the Kathmandu office where you can actually help promote & build NWN. And one special project for vets or rural or vet students where you can work on a growing cow farm in Chitwan where you will help look after the animals while having a unique insight to how rural farming is done here.


Then we have three special projects which are very close to us, the first being a women`s centres in Kathmandu where you will

help build a future for the centre & the people who use it. The second is a street children project where the local authorities from Narayanghat have rounded up all of the children living rough & housed them into an unused government building. Here they receive food, medical care & teaching as well as providing a safe place for these children to live in.


And finally a rural homestay programme in a very beautiful place of Nepal, Pamdada, its very rural & only for the adventurous types who love the outdoors. The aim here is to help build an infrastructure where the villagers can host international guests interested in seeing the beauty of Nepal while at the same time experiencing rural Nepal at its best.

The aim is to have fun

Nepali Womens Network

Swayambhu marga,  khusibu