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Rural farming in Chitwan

Come & experience rural farming on a small holding in Chitwan, meet the locals, eat great food & learn about rural Nepal.

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Name of project: Working on a smallholding in a village in Chitwan


What is the project about: We are for volunteers interested in seeing how the rural Nepali live and work. You must have an interest in outdoor life, farming and animals because the aim here is for you to immerse yourself into the culture and enjoy seeing how they manage to survive. Some days you may be working in the fields with the family members while others, looking after the animals, cutting grasses or if it’s a festival day participating with the rest of the family. The whole idea of the project is for you actually experience how the  

Nepali live so the more you are willing to try the more you will get out of this. So cut grasses, milk cows by hand, takes a trip to the dairy, learn to cook Nepali style and enjoy the rural life in Nepal.


Placement Location: The small holding is in a small village in Chitwan called Ganganagar, around 150kms from Kathmandu and less than a mile from the borders of the Chitwan national park.


Start and End Dates: Ongoing starting most weeks except for festivals. Note you can still volunteer in the festivals but there will not be a lot of work going on. Though it’s a good way to see how Nepali celebrates their culture & religion.




Minimum Duration: Two weeks for this project.


Working Days: Usually it’s a 6 day week with Saturday off


Working Hours: Vary depending on the work load at the time but please get involved as much as you can.


Number of Volunteers at any one time: The project can take 2 volunteers at any one time but if there is a group interested we can find places in the same village so you can all work together.  

Age Requirements: 18+ are accepted


Food and Accommodation: You will be staying in the family house in your own room sharing with another volunteer (of the same sex). The food is mostly grown and cooked so its fresh and healthy and centres around the traditional Nepali dhal bhat (rice, curry and lentils)


Visa Type: Standard tourist visa


Arrival and Departure Airport: Tribhuwan International Airport in Kathmandu


Placement location: The small holding itself is in a small village called Ganganagar near the Rapti River in Chitwan. It’s around 17 kms from Narayanghat the main city and consists of around 14 houses each with their own small plots of land which they use to survive by growing crops.  


Arrival & Orientation: As a volunteer you will be met at the airport by one of the team & taken to the hotel where you will get chance to rest and acclimatize to Nepal. The team member will make sure you are comfortable, provide you with any information you need as well as their phone number. And help you over the following day to prepare to travel to Chitwan for your placement. They will also be arranging travel arrangements as well as being in regular contact throughout your stay so please don’t hesitate to ring them for help & advice.


Registration fee: $100


Length of ProgramProgram Fee $ USD

1 week   $ 100

2 weeks $ 200

3 weeks $ 300

4 weeks $ 400

5 weeks $ 500

6 weeks $ 600

8 weeks $ 800

10 weeks $ 950

12 weeks $ 1100

Every Extra week Cost $ 70


What’s included in the Registration Fee? All of the documentation needed for your application to be processed. Airport pickup and 24 hour support while at the project.


What's included in the Program Fee? Food & lodgings at the Centre and all of the support you need while there plus a donation to the running of the Centre itself.


What extra costs will I have? For tourist activities you wish to take part in & extras like alcohol, cigarettes, etc.


If you would like to see more of Nepal then please let the team member who is dealing with your application. They will help you with ideas & details of all tourist activities around your project.



A time to rest & enjoy

Explore the surrounding countryside

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