Rural Running Nepal

We are working with Rural Running Nepal to invite runners of all standards to come & run in Nepal in aid of various projects that we support


Rural Running Nepal is a small company set up to provide international runners of all standards the chance to run in Nepal. The idea came about on a recent group trip across the mountains where we were heading up the mountains to find the highest point of Chitwan. Over the morning we trailed uphill for over 7 miles constantly to reach a small village called Hattiban before another 4 miles the following morning to reach the highest point before dawn for a great view of the Himalayas.  The idea of scouting this route was to see if we can hold a competitive race across these hills in order to help build an alternative  

infrastructure in the villages along the route.  But after such a hard hike uphill we decided that if we held a race along this route it would cripple the knees of most runners. And as we were making our way down back down to civilization the idea of creating a number of routes that would be suitable for all runners no matter what level of fitness they were.


So from this we went over the routes & the areas where we wanted to run, met up with the owners & potential Nepali running guides and created the complete package where you will be met at the airport, escorted to the hotel & for the following few days enjoying running in the Himalayas with a Nepali running guide. Their job is to look after all of your needs from food, travel & accommodation.


And the best thing is because its connected to our work a % of the funds raised will be donated to NWN.

Rural Running Nepal

Our runners trying the routes