Special Projects for NWN

We are working with Brothers Nepal to recruit volunteers & logistical support for a street childrens project in Chitwan. Its a great project housing, educating & feeding them instead of letting them live rough on the streets.

This is a NWN project where we are looking for volunteers to help develop a small holding in a village in Chitwan. Here you will be part of the family, live, cook, eat, and help the family in the fields giving you the experience of rural living in Nepal. Over the coming months we would like to establish a small goat farm here to raise money for local schools.

 Street childrens project in Chitwan

Building a homestay community

Rural goat farm for charity in Chitwan.

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Project management for NGO`s

We are looking for volunteers interested in helping run and support the work on our fellow NGO`s. Its a placement where no two days will be the same and you will get to learn just how an NGO runs on a daily basis.

At NWN we want to support special projects that are designed to either do something different in Nepal or can make a great difference to the community it serves. Below are 4 we will be working with over the next couple of years and wish them all the success possible.

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Nepali Womens Network

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