Support a street child project in Chitwan

In the main city of Chitwan they had an idea to take all of the street children off the streets and look after them, feed and clothe them.


Introduction:- In many of the cities in Nepal & around the world you will find street children, some have run away from village life looking for excitement & fortune while others are escaping an abusive home life. While others will have their own stories to tell though most end up on the streets vulnerable & alone often resorting to drugs and glue sniffing to get through their young days. They resort to stealing & begging to survive & generally causing a nuisance to all around.

So the local authorities generally look on these children as pests and problems to be beaten whenever caught. But in one city, the    

main one in Chitwan called Narayanghat local NGO`s have joined up with the police and local authorities & rounded up all of the children living rough, housed them in an old government building & are now feeding, clothing them & providing education. So now they have a roof over their heads, food in their stomachs and a safe place to stay but they need support to build on this.


Name of project:- A street children’s rehabilitation centre in Chitwan


What is the project about:- The project itself is a combination of several NGO`s and the local police who have collected all of the children who roamed the streets of Narayanghat the biggest city in Chitwan. Then with the help of Brothers Nepal & others they were housed in an old disused government building, given food, medical care and clothing. Now the aim is to try and help these children build a future through teaching them basic education as well as skills in which they can either (with help) work for themselves or others. Here you would be working with Brothers Nepal helping to teach them basic education and exploring the various ideas on how we can help build these children a future. So if you are someone who can look outside the box to come up with new ideas , present them and then build a plan of action to make them work then you are the sort of volunteer we need here.




Start and End Dates: Ongoing starting most weeks except for festivals. Note you can still volunteer in the festivals but there will not be a lot of work going on. Though it’s a good way to see how Nepali celebrates their culture & religion.


Minimum Duration: One month for this project.


Working Days: Usually it’s a 6 day week with Saturday off.


Working Hours: Varys depending on the work load at the time but the more you put in the more you will enjoy.


Number of Volunteers at any one time: The project can take a max of 5 volunteers at any one time but will be happy to discuss larger groups if there is a specific project you are looking to achieve.  


Age Requirements: 18+ are accepted


Food and Accommodation: You will be staying in the volunteer room at the centre & eating with your hosts. The food itself is standard Nepali Dhal Bhat of rice, lentils and curry.


Visa Type: Standard tourist visa


Arrival and Departure Airport: Tribhuwan International Airport in Kathmandu


Placement location: The Centre itself is in Chitwan approx. 150 kms from Kathmandu, it takes between 5-8 hours on a bus heading south. The weather is sub-tropical so its good sunny weather the majority of the time. If you would like to find where on google maps please type in Narayanghat, Chitwan and you will be able to find it clearly. If you are also interested in exploring Chitwan then please tell the team member who is arranging the placement who will then be able to provide you the extra tourist information.  


Arrival & Orientation: As a volunteer you will be met at the airport by one of the team & taken to a guesthouse in Thamel to help you settle in. Here you will meet your coordinator who will show you around and arrange everything including your transportation to Chitwan. Also to help acclimatize you to Nepal we usually keep you in Kathmandu for 1-2 nights until you’re ready to move to your placement.



Registration fee: $100


Length of Program Program Fee $ USD

1 week  $ 100

2 weeks $ 200

3 weeks $ 300

4 weeks $ 400

5 weeks $ 500

6 weeks $ 600

8 weeks $ 800

10 weeks $ 950

12 weeks $ 1100

Every Extra week Cost $ 70

What’s included in the Registration Fee? All of the documentation needed for your application to be processed. Airport pickup and 24 hour support while at the project.


What's included in the Program Fee? Food & lodgings at the Centre and all of the support you need while there plus a donation to the running of the Centre itself.


What extra costs will I have? For tourist activities you wish to take part in & extras like alcohol, cigarettes, etc.


If you would like to see more of Nepal then please let the team member who is dealing with your application. They will help you with ideas & details of all tourist activities around your project.

One of the main supporters

Feeding time its a lot of food eaten each day

Donations from all over Chitwan

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