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Volunteer Charter  

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The idea of a volunteer charter is for the volunteers to be more responsible than just coming and spending a few weeks helping out. We support all of our projects for different reasons but the one main one is we want them to improve, grow and become stable enough  to survive on their own

Volunteering across the world has become a very big business where you can spend £1000s to come and volunteer across the world with much of this being swallowed up by offices abroad, staff salaries etc in order to place international volunteers. And these volunteers usually are placed with projects & placements that have been established for years. At Nepali Mahila Sanjal we are different because we have a small office in Kathmandu, our staffs are paid Nepali salaries and we want to give up and coming projects a chance.

In order to do this we need the help of the international volunteers to do the following.

1. As a volunteer in a new project we ask you to provide our team with a feedback

form completed online or your thoughts sent by email


2. Please be honest because you are volunteering in a third world country and things will be a lot different to what you experience back home. And it’s your responsibility to help us improve the projects not just for future volunteers but also for the people we are supporting.


3. As a volunteer if you have a problem with how the placement is being run then please tell our team who can then bring this            to the attention of the project managers. We act as a bridge between the volunteer and the placement and it’s our job to help improve the level of the project for all concerned.


4. We ask all volunteers to provide 5 photos for which we can use to help promote the project.


5. And finally if you have thoughts on how to improve the project and would like help in approaching the manager with your ideas then please share them with us and if we think they could work we will support you.

Between our team and yourself we can work together to help the project manager implement these changes because our aim is for NWN to bring new ideas into Nepali projects.

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