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Volunteer medical care in Nepal

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Basic health care should be for everyone

Health care for young & old

Basic medical care should be for all people no matter where they live. In rural Nepal this is not always the case so by helping in a rural medical centre you are helping to provide care for people fom the poorer communities.

Name of project: Medical volunteering at a government health post in rural Nepal.


What is the project about: We are looking for medical professionals interested in working at local government health posts in various areas of Nepal? Your work is working side by side with the local health assistants providing the basic medical day to day coverage as well as referring any serious cases to the nearest town or city. In addition to this work we would also like to invite you to take health classes in the local school and women`s groups in the area. Its varied work and you are able to follow your

own ideas as well as working with the local medical staff because we wold like an exchange of medical practices between you. Our aim here is not just improving the level of health care for all the villagers but also improving the ideas of the health post professional’s.


Placement Location: We work with several medical posts across Nepal one in Chitwan & several in Gorkha. More details will be supplied on application as we always consider which centre needs your skills the most at the time you are there.  

Start and End Dates: Ongoing starting most weeks except for festivals. Note you can still volunteer in the festivals but there will not be a lot of work going on. Though it’s a good way to see how Nepali celebrates their culture & religion.


Minimum Duration: Two weeks for this project.


Working Days: Usually it’s a 6 day week with Saturday off.


Working Hours: Vary depending on the work load at the time because you will be performing some work in the local school so expect to work 6 hours upwards per day.


Number of Volunteers at any one time: Any health post can take a max of 2 volunteers at any one time.


Age Requirements: 18+ are accepted (Note medical qualifications are a must)


Food and Accommodation: You will be staying at a local homestay with one of the health post officers who will act as a guide as well. And the majority of the food provided will be traditional Nepali Dhal Bhat Tarkari (rice, lentils’ & curry) but some western food can be bought in nearby towns.


Visa Type: Standard tourist visa


Arrival and Departure Airport: Tribhuwan International Airport in Kathmandu


Placement location: The medical health posts we are supporting are all in rural villages no more than 100 kms away from Kathmandu. At this present time we are looking for volunteers for several health posts, in Gorkha & Kagatigaun.  


Arrival & Orientation: As a volunteer you will be met at the airport by one of the team & escorted into Thamel to the guesthouse where you can rest. Then over the course of the following day you will get chance to do some sightseeing while at the same time acclimatizing to Nepal. Then the next day you can board the bus with a team member to the health post you have been assigned to.


Registration fee: $100


Length of ProgramProgram Fee $ USD

1 week  $ 100

2 weeks $ 200

3 weeks $ 300

4 weeks $ 400

5 weeks $ 500

6 weeks $ 600

8 weeks $ 800

10 weeks $ 950

12 weeks $ 1100

Every Extra week Cost $ 70


What’s included in the Registration Fee? All of the documentation needed for your application to be processed. Airport pickup and 24 hour support while at the project.


What's included in the Program Fee? Food & lodgings at the Centre and all of the support you need while there plus a donation to the running of the Centre itself.


What extra costs will I have? For tourist activities you wish to take part in & extras like alcohol, cigarettes, etc.


If you would like to see more of Nepal then please let the team member who is dealing with your application. They will help you with ideas & details of all tourist activities around your project.



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