Volunteer in India

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If you are planning to volunteer in India then why not check out Kenosis foundation run by Issac based in Kerala Southern India

India is very popular for volunteers

At Nepali Women’s Network we are only working in Nepal because this is our country & its people are our people as well as the fact that charity should always begin at home. But when we met Issac from Kenosis Foundation we were immediately attracted to his ideas & vision to help his own people as well as the dedication he had in completing this task. The man gave up a steady job in the church in order to create his own NGO to help the poorer people from his community.  And since that day he has worked constantly to make his Ngo & those projects a success.


Kenosis Foundation (KF) is a not-for-profit voluntary organization,

registered in India who focuses on rural projects that support women, youths, orphans, abuse victims and all members of society that are disadvantaged and need support. They provide support ranging from health, education, livelihood, and employment to breaking the cycle of poverty in rural India. So over the next couple of years we will be working closely with Isaac from Kenosis to help them find volunteers for their projects.


So if you are planning to volunteer in India and are looking for a genuine organisation, want to volunteer in southern India you won`t find a better organisation than Kenosis. You can apply through our organisation where we will personally introduce you to the head of Kenosis. You won’t have to pay anything to us because of our agreement to help Kenosis in recruiting volunteers.

Traditional farming 7.

Wanted volunteers for the following


Women’s groups in the rural areas where you will work with local women helping them learn Basic English, maths, business & health in order for them to become more independent.


If you are of the medical profession (or studying to be) then Kenosis has a number of rural medical centres as well as a couple of hospitals where medical volunteers are always welcome.

They do support several genuine children’s homes where volunteers are always welcome.


And special projects supporting local poor people to create their own businesses to earn enough money to break the cycle of poverty they were born into.


There are other special projects as well so please talk with Issac and he will be happy to provide al of the information.

Farming done the old way