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Volunteering abroad can be a little daunting because you may never have been to the country, not sure what to expect and have heard of story’s (some good & some bad) about other people’s volunteer experiences. You will have a thousand questions you want answering and in many cases your family and friends will be worried about where you are going and doing. So it’s always best to check the history of the organisation you are going to volunteer with, see if they have contact details that work (test and speak with their team) and get an idea about how they work. If you are not sure then please don’t volunteer with a group as there are a few bad ones out there that are just about money.


At NWN your journey starts here on the website so please read the information carefully, especially the Volunteer charter because the projects we work with need support and want to grow. You are a vital part of this because Nepal like many third world countries is very different from the west. And the only way these projects will find enough support is to introduce western ideas (from volunteers like you) and alter them to work inside the fabric of Nepali culture and lifestyle.


Then after you have read all of the information please use the contact form to introduce yourselves to our team who are ready to help you start your volunteering journey. Here you become part of the system and can ask questions if you want as you prepare for your trip to this wonderful country.


At NWN we are here to help you through email, skype and phone to get you ready for your experience here in Nepal. So don’t be afraid to ask as we want every volunteer to come and help make a positive difference to the projects we are supporting.

We can`t put everything that you need to know about volunteering on our website so we have included the basics and are very happy to answer any other questions that arent on the website

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A bit of relaxation from volunteering

Its about having fun as well as work

But remember you are here to help Nepal but also for you to learn about the country, its people and culture but also yourself. So press the link below and start your journey to Nepal.

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Swayambhu marga,  khusibu